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About Us

We at Meal Next Door strive to serve delicious, healthy, home cooked food to our patrons. In this world of highly commercialized eating habits, our body takes the toll of ingesting food which most of the times are not suitable to our health and well being.

Since our childhood, we used to relish a nicely prepared simple home cooked meal. With many of us not having the luxury of a proper home cooked meal, we resort to ordering food from outside.

How are we different, you say !! Our meals are cooked at home and not at any restaurant settings. Our meals are cooked by chefs who desire to spread their culinary skills to gastronomes. In all possibility, you may find your "meal next door" itself.

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Call us: 01244376418

WhatsApp: 9599035638

Partner With Us

Partner with us to showcase your culinary skills to the world. If you happen to hear compliments like "Your food is finger licking good" or " You have magic in your hands" or "Why don't you open up a restaurant", then this is your chance.

Partner with us and we will together reach out to people who like to taste home cooked food.

You can be having any sort of skills like bakery, indian cuisine etc. Get in touch with us and we will help you live your dreams of becoming a renowned chef in your town.

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Call us: 01244376418

How it works??

  1. Get in touch with Mealnextdoor. Highlight your culinary specialty.
  2. Representative from Mealnextdoor will visit and vet your food.
  3. Once vetted, your food menu will be published in Mealnextdoor and will be ready for ordering.


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